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Having a bit of trouble getting this right... The main objective is to have user configurable password strengths and here's where I get stuck: There's a setting in some config file somewhere that specifies the minimum password length to be seven and I can't for the life of me find the blasted thing, I've checked the the app.config for the specific provider implementation, the web.config for the solution ( where the parameter is mentioned but set to 1), and I've even checked the .config files for anything even touching this but there's nothing. Kinda frustrating.

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Well, the minRequiredPasswordLength is configured in your Membership provider section. Take a look at this question to see an example where it's set to 6.

Given that, you should access this value using the following property on the Membership type:

var minPassLength = System.Web.Security.Membership.MinRequiredPasswordLength;

If it doesn't work maybe you have a custom provider implementation that overrides the property value set in Web.config - see here for an example. In this case I'd suggest you do a search in your entire solution to find the string minRequiredPasswordLength and see from where this value is coming. If the custom provider comes from a third party DLL, you must have access to the library code to change that value.

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