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I have a few .gz files with the same name in different folders. So i want to unzip all these .gz files and combine all the output files into a single file.

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find some/dir -name foo.gz -exec zcat {} \; > output.file
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find . -name "xyz.gz"|xargs zcat >output_file
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In case you do not know the names of the files in advance, you might find the following script helpful. You should run it as /path/to/search/for/duplicate/names /target/dir/to/create/combined/files. It finds all the filenames with more than one occurrence in the given path and combines their content into a single file in the target directory.

#! /bin/bash
[[ -d $path   ]] || { echo 'Path not found'   ; exit 1 ; }
[[ -d $target ]] || { echo 'Target not found' ; exit 1; }

find "$path" -name '*.gz' | \
    rev | cut -f1 -d/ | rev | \              # remove the paths
    sort | uniq -c | \                       # count numbers of occurrences
    grep -v '^ *1 ' | \                      # skip the unique files
    while read _num file ; do                # process the files in a loop
    find -name "$file" -exec zcat {} \; | \  # find the files with the given name and output their content
        gzip > "$target/${file##*/}"         # gzip the target file
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Do you want all the extracted files combined in a new archive file? Or to concatenate them in a single file? (which is what @sarathi's answer will do)

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Others will down-vote an answer like this, because you're only seem to be trying to clarify the O.P.s intent. I'll just say that questions to the O.P. are better left as comments to the original question. Good luck to all. – shellter Oct 1 '12 at 12:16
Good point. The comment field could be displayed a little more prominently I think. I am way more inclined by association to use the answer field this way. – Tim Lamballais Oct 1 '12 at 12:56

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