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I have a slide of images on my site and im wanting there links to open in a new window...

<script type="text/javascript">

var mygallery=new fadeSlideShow({
wrapperid: "fadeshow1", //ID of blank DIV on page to house Slideshow
dimensions: [860, 500], //width/height of gallery in pixels. Should reflect dimensions        of largest image
imagearray:  [
    ["mil/aircrafthangar.jpg", "http://www.rubbmilitary.com/products/aircraft_hangars.html", "", "Rubb Military 20m Span EFASS Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar"],
    ["mil/helihangar.jpg", "http://www.rubbmilitary.com/products/helicopter_hangars.html", "", "Rubb Military 25m Span EFASS Aircraft and Helicopter Hangars"],
    ["mil/vehiclehangar.jpg", "http://www.rubbmilitary.com/products/small_aircraft_hangars.html", "", "Rubb Military 11m Span EFASS Vehicle and small Aircraft Hangars"],
    ["mil/sunshade.jpg", "http://www.rubbmilitary.com/products/aircraft_sunshades.html", "", "Rubb Military EFASS Sunshade Covering Aircraft and Helicopters"],
    ["mil/warehouse.jpg", "http://www.rubbmilitary.com/products/military_warehouse.html", "", "Rubb Military EFASS Mass Storage Warehouse"] //<--no trailing comma after very last image element!
displaymode: {type:'auto', pause:2500, cycles:0, wraparound:false},
persist: false, //remember last viewed slide and recall within same session?
fadeduration: 1000, //transition duration (milliseconds)
descreveal: "ondemand",
togglerid: ""



any help or advice would be great.

Thanks you

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You can edit in javascript. Please check img src tag in your slide show script and there you can specify target = "_blank" – suresh.g Oct 1 '12 at 8:12
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The third parameter of the image array is probably the target of hyperlink. Try this.

"Rubb Military 20m Span EFASS Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar"]

You should use "_blank" for every image in array.

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As easy as that lol, thank you very much – mhalpin13 Oct 1 '12 at 8:30
You are wellcome. – Yiğit Yener Oct 1 '12 at 8:34

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