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Hi all I have binded my datagridview with DataGridViewComboBoxColumn as follows

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn clnStatus = new DataGridViewComboBoxColumn();
clnStatus.DataPropertyName = "Status";
clnStatus.AutoComplete = true;
clnStatus.ValueMember = "absent";
clnStatus.Name = "Absent - Leave - Present";
clnStatus.DataSource = new string[] { "absent", "present", "leave" };
dataGridView1.Columns.Insert(0, clnStatus);

But this is resulting in an empty value for my datagridview as follows. What should I do inorder to get the one value selected

enter image description here

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Use the following line of code to set the value:


Reference: how to get selectedvalue from DataGridViewComboBoxColumn?

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There is no initial value selected as you don't have any value for the Value property of the cell, hence you would need to set that value by looping through the grid.

(row.Cells[1] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).Value =(row.Cells[1] as DataGridViewComboBoxCell).Items[yourneededindex]
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