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I have two XML Documents, on the first I have:

<IamAXMLNode attr1="50%" attr2="Cool" attr3="I am a free text optional cool attribute" />

But in the second one, the whole info of IamAXMLNode attributes should be included on a single attribute:

<ACollageNode type="IamAXMLNode">'content of the three attr unified'</ACollageNode>

ACollageNode content must match on a grammar as alphanumeric string

It is not possible to change the schema of the XML Documents.

The options I am handling are:

  • Included them as text using a separator (I will find a separator that is not used on any field). What if the day after tomorrow specs change and the character could be used on those attributes? :S
  • Serialize to byte array and use a safe separator. Is there any tool to do this? some Boost library like Serialize would be useful?
  • Using CDATA. Actually, I would like to encode the info, not the whole XML Node

Thanks in advance

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Try to add the xml document as a CDATA node under ACollageNode instead of an attribute. – Uri May Oct 1 '12 at 8:46

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I finally add a separator and scape the occurrences on the fields... since the output had to be human readable.

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