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I am newbie to Yii framework. I want to display some of user controller ouput in a box on the frontpage of the site. but I don't know how. would you give me a plan for doing it?

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Way 1:

in the home page 'view', add this similar code.

<div id="box-id">
        if( Yii::app()->user->isGuest() ) {
            // handle guest
        else {
            $this->renderPartial('/user/homebox', array() );

Its NOT recommended to add logic in views... better to create a function in controller(somewhere) with above code and call it here.

way 2 (Ajax):

in the home page 'view', add similar javascript.

$.get('user/homebox', function(data) {

and in UserController .. define some action 'homebox'

function actionHomebox() {
    if( Yii::app()->user->isGuest() ) {
        // handle guest
    else {
        $this->renderPartial('homebox', array() );

you have to define a view 'homebox' somewhere in your views (views/user/) folder.

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