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I'm wondering if Google search is aware of tags such as <nav>, <aside>, <section>, etc. that are being added by HTML 5?

My navigation comes before my content and I have too many links in it for good SEO. I'd like to use <nav> if Google recognised it rather than using js or a css work around.

Thanks, Denis

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it's <nav>, not <navigation> it's <aside>, not <a-side> it's <section>, not <content> [can sombody please edit the question!] –  bjelli Aug 12 '09 at 15:59

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You can use HTML5 tags like even now, see Mads Kjaer article. Don't wait for google to be ready, use it now!

But until Google recognises those tags stick to following current SEO rules. Move your content to the beginning of the code and navigation to the end!

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Google now recognizes those tags, and has for awhile. (For anyone reading this now, seeing as how it was posted years ago) –  android.nick Aug 21 '11 at 13:36

Probably nothing yet, since I don't believe any of those tags are implemented right now, and HTML5 is far from being a standard yet.

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Has this now changed? Is it safe to add HTML5 to the start of the page and not impact SEO? Is google 'aware' of these tags?

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