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I am trying to save a XAP file witch is basically like a zip file, and i can Archive and save it, but it adds to many folders?

I am using Ionic.Zip DLL to Archive my XAP file.

The file saves to my path, but when i open it up it has the folder users, then in there it has the folder Shaun, and in that folder a folder Documents, in the the folder FormValue then in side there it has my 3 files i zipped.

I need the Xap file only to contain the 3 files i zipped and not all the extra folders inside.

using (ZipFile zip = new ZipFile())
// add this map to zip
zip.AddFile("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//FormValue//" + property_details_locality_map); 
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Same question here stackoverflow.com/questions/6202267/… – Loci Oct 1 '12 at 9:12
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Use the zip.AddFile(string fileName, string directoryPathInArchive) overload and specify the empty string "" for the second parameter:

zip.AddFile("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//FormValue//" + property_details_locality_map, ""); 
zip.AddFile("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//FormValue//data.xml", "");
zip.AddFile("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//FormValue//dvform.dvform", ""); 

From the documentation:

/// <param name="directoryPathInArchive">
///   Specifies a directory path to use to override any path in the fileName.
///   This path may, or may not, correspond to a real directory in the current
///   filesystem.  If the files within the zip are later extracted, this is the
///   path used for the extracted file.  Passing <c>null</c> (<c>Nothing</c> in
///   VB) will use the path on the fileName, if any.  Passing the empty string
///   ("") will insert the item at the root path within the archive.
/// </param>
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When i added the "" at the end it brought up a save dialog? can i not set in code where to save it? – Pomster Oct 1 '12 at 9:25
List<string> filesToBeAdded = new List<string>();
filesToBeAdded.Add("C://Users//Shaun//Documents//FormValue//" + property_details_locality_map);
zip.AddFiles(filesToBeAdded, false, "ShaunXAP"); // you could pass empty string here instead of "ShaunXAP" 

this will put all files into one common folder("ShaunXAP" in this case) and ignores the folder hierarchy of the files that are archieved.

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Where does this save to? – Pomster Oct 1 '12 at 9:25
after this you'll have to call the zip.Save method. – Vignesh.N Oct 1 '12 at 10:36

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