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refno status
1     A
2     A
6     A
3     A

refno itemcode qty
1     1        5
1     2        0
3     8        0
3     1        0
2     4        3
6     7        0

I need a query that will delete all rows in [table2] that qty=0 at the same time will delete rows in [table1] if the [refno] is not found in [table2]

Given the above example, the query should retain the following output:

refno status
1     A
2     A

refno itemcode qty
1     1        5
2     4        3


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@MahmoudGamal - MySQL has a Multiple-table delete syntax –  Martin Smith Oct 1 '12 at 9:14

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You can write 2 delete statements in a transaction to make sure its a atomic operation.

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The following query will DELETE all the records from the two tables:

DELETE t1.*, t2.*
FROM Table t1
   FROM Table2
   WHERE qty = 0
) t2 ON t1.refno = t2.refno 
WHERE t2.refno IS NULL
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with mysql, as multi-tables delete are allowed

delete  t1, t2 
from table1 t1
left join table2 t2 on t1.refno = t2.refno
where t2.qty = 0 or t2.refno is null;

but this will delete line 1, A from table1 (because we've got a relation in T2 where refno = 1 and qty = 0)

And I don't see a solution (maybe one will) where line 1, 2, 0 from table2 will be delete and line 1, A from table1 won't be.

So, I think the solution must be a stored procedure (or 2 queries)

create procedure CleanTable1Table2()
  delete from table2 t2
  where qty = 0;

  delete from table1 t1
  where not exists (select null from table2 t2
                    where t2.refno= t1.refno);
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