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I have link to document (e.g.: https://example.com/test/test.pdf). I have tried to use ASIHTTPRequest, but it's not working. I know that I can get it by using NSURL, but is there another way or framework?

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Here is how to do with STHTTPRequest https://github.com/nst/STHTTPRequest

__block STHTTPRequest *r = [STHTTPRequest requestWithURLString:@"https://example.com/test/test.pdf"];

r.completionBlock = ^(NSDictionary *headers, NSString *body) {
    NSData *pdfData = r.responseData;

r.errorBlock = ^(NSError *error) {

[r startAsynchronous];
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You should probably use NSURLConnection here. See documentation on it.

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You can't get the content of a document just with NSURL, NSURL is a representation of the url, you must do the request.

Some elements here : iPhone SDK: How do you download video files to the Document Directory and then play them?

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