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I am using sidekiq gem in rails 3 and I have define a foo_workers.rb in app/workers folder, when I try to call FooWorker.perform_async(@article) in a rails controller named articles I get this error,

uninitialized constant ArticlesController::FooWorker

Can anyone please help me.

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did you get it working? –  Leon Fedotov Oct 11 '12 at 17:58

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Check your pluralization. The file is called foo_workers.rb, which means you're probably defining FooWorkers, not FooWorker. It should be singular. But this is all guessing because you didn't actually post any code.

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The autoload mechanism won't pluralize your class names. So the class FooWorker is expected to be defined in a foo_worker.rb file in some of the autoload paths.

If the file name is different (like foo_workers.rb), Rails won't try to load the class from it.

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