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I'm using a manual verification point - it works well - but when it appears in the log its name -or title- appears empty, what should i do to make the manual VP's title appears in the log, thanks in advance

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The syntax is

vpManual("Your VP name here", expectedData, actualData).performTest();

The VP name should not contain spaces, dots or other "strange" characters, keep on letters, digits and underscore _

If you use a string variable for the name, check it is not null or empty. Also note the name must be unique in the script. If you provide a little example of your problem I can try answering with more details.

Take a look at the RFT docs

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Thanks for your response, IFtVerificationPoint categoryHeaderVP = vpManual("categoryHeaderVP", dpString("subCategoryName"), mainCategoryHeader().getProperty("text").toString()); categoryHeaderVP.performTest(); i have used the precede code but the name of the VP doesn't appear in the log, as other VP. – Abd Er-razaq Shehadeh Oct 2 '12 at 14:24
Your code is correct. Try to contact IBM support. Wich language did you install RFT with? I found it has some little translation issues when working with languages different from english, so I would recommend to try it in english. It may be some bug with the Log resources in foreign languages. – Alessandro Da Rugna Oct 11 '12 at 11:15

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