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A big image have a fixed background (i.e. blue) and multiple sub images with irregular shape.

Are there any way (either tools or programs in C or Java) to produce sub-images`

Each sub-image (although they are in irregular shapes) can be of rectangle shape, with the background color (i.e. blue) removed.


  1. command-line is preferred, as there are hundred of thousands such images to be splitted.
  2. Linux tools will be of top preference.
  3. lightweight programming is ok.

A description image:

enter image description here

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For image processing an easy way is to use processing. Processing is pc/mac/linux and more. Processing is opensource. Remember to check librairies.

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Can you please enlight what is more specific about this library, how shall I proceed with this. It's like finding needles in the sea. –  user1711272 Oct 20 '12 at 8:57

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