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Do we have any code documentation syntax and tool support for generating Code Documentation out of Dart Application Code, something similar to Doxygen for C/C++. I prefer to use Markdown styled syntax than doxygen-syntax.

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What's wrong with the official dartdoc tool? It generates APIs for you. –  Tower Oct 1 '12 at 15:40

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The DartDoc tool (which uses markdown) creates API documentation (as found at api.dartlang.org )

This describes the api reference for using DartDoc in your own code

The Readme.txt here, shows how you can format your code comments to generate API doc

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A couple of the links are broken. For "This", I don't know if we generate dartdoc for dartdoc any more. Maybe delete that paragraph. For the Readme.txt, perhaps substitute a link to dartlang.org/articles/doc-comment-guidelines. You might also want to link to dartlang.org/docs/dart-up-and-running/contents/…. –  K Walrath Sep 17 '13 at 18:26
///I am the beerclass
class BeerClass{
  ///this is a beer variable
  String beername;

  ///this is a beer method
  String get getBeer => "beer for the people";

Just go in the Darteditor: Tools->Generate Dartdoc. You get a new directory docs and you start index.html in your browser. Your class, variable and method have now documentation.

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