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Simple question. I'd like to use F2 or Enter for rename, and double click to open a file.

Using self.treeView.doubleClicked.connect(self.doubleclick) I can do things in my self.doubleClick method, but the renaming is still triggered.

The model is not read-only (model.setReadOnly(False)).

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By default, the doubleClicked signal is emitted just before the normal editing action, which is carried out by the QAbstractItemView.edit function.

Fortunately, this function is virtual, so it can be reimplemented in a subclass:

class TreeView(QtGui.QTreeView):    
    def edit(self, index, trigger, event):
        if trigger == QtGui.QAbstractItemView.DoubleClicked:
            print 'DoubleClick Killed!'
            return False
        return QtGui.QTreeView.edit(self, index, trigger, event)
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I don't know if you have this in python versions, but in C++ Qt you just set the edit triggers in the QAbstractItemView:

void setEditTriggers ( EditTriggers triggers )

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