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I've made an image rotator/slide with jQuery which works fine when it's just images, but if I wrap the img tag in an href then the slides won't move past the first image. I am still fairly new to jQuery, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the img:first/img:visible parts of the code since that looks for the images in the container, rather than the a tag. I've tried wrapping the img tags with a span and assigned the class to be what the code looks for, so whether there is just a image or an image with a link it won't matter, but I can't seem to get that to work (though I'm probably just doing it wrong).

Another thing to note is that the image list is dynamically made with PHP, and if I can get this to work, then the href around the images would be added by PHP if set - so it's not always guaranteed that the images will always be a link or not, or it could be a mixture.

Anyway, here is the code snippet below; also here is a fiddle of it working as it is now without linked images.


<div id="slide_wrapper">

    <p id="slide_controls">
        <span id="prev-but"><img src="http://webbossuk.com/admin/JS/webboss-slider/imgs/but_prev.png" alt="Previous" /></span>
        <span id="next-but"><img src="http://webbossuk.com/admin/JS/webboss-slider/imgs/but_next.png" alt="Next" /></span>

<div id="image-container">  

    <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_shop.jpg" alt="Slide 1" title="" />
    <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_podcasts.jpg" alt="Slide 2" title="" />
    <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_page_ed.jpg" alt="Slide 3" title="" />
    <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_members.jpg" alt="Slide 4" title="" />
    <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_more.jpg" alt="Slide 5" title="" />

    <p id="slide_caption"><span></span></p>



var Speed = 5000; //Time in Ms

(function imageTransition() {
setTimeout(function() {
    $('#image-container img:visible').fadeOut("slow"); // FADE OUT VISIBLE IMAGE
    if ($('#image-container img:visible').next('img').size("slow") < 1) {
        $('#image-container img:first').fadeIn(); // FADE IN FIRST IMAGE    
        $('#slide_caption').html('<span>' + $('#image-container img:first').attr('title') + '</span>');

        if ($('#slide_caption span').html() == "") {
            $('#slide_caption').fadeOut(); //HIDE CAPTION IF NO ALT TEXT
        } else {
    } else {
        $('#image-container img:visible').next('img').fadeIn("slow"); // FADE IN NEXT IMAGE    
        $('#slide_caption').html('<span>' + $('#image-container img:visible').next('img').attr('title') + '</span>'); //SHOW ALT TEXT CAPTION
        if ($('#slide_caption span').html() == "") {
            $('#slide_caption').fadeOut(); //HIDE CAPTION IF NO ALT TEXT
        } else {

    imageTransition(); //TRIGGER FUNCTION AGAIN


Since a new issue came up from the solution to this one, I've made a new question to deal with that, rather than it all be in the comments below: jQuery image slider caption issues, displaying wrong

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Wrap each slide in a div, like this:

<div class="slide">
    <a href="http://example.com">
        <img class="slide_img" src="http://www.webbossuk.com/uploads/features_banner_shop.jpg" alt="Slide 1" title="" />

Then fade out and fade in the divs rather than the images themselves.

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So would I use $('#image-container .slide:visible').fadeOut("slow"); and $('#image-container .slide:first').fadeIn(); in place of the current code? –  MrLewk Oct 1 '12 at 10:44
You could just use $('.slide:visible').fadeOut("slow") and $('.slide:first').fadeIn(). Also, you will need to change each instance of next('img') to next('.slide'). –  Bryan Gentry Oct 1 '12 at 10:49
Alright thanks, I'll give it a try on the fiddle and see how I get on –  MrLewk Oct 1 '12 at 10:53
Thanks, this answers the problem! The only problem now is the captions overlays don't work (they get the text from the img title) and instead of fading out if blank, just say "undefined" now. You can see here if you can help still? jsfiddle.net/MrLuke/QSj4k/27 –  MrLewk Oct 1 '12 at 11:13
Get the caption with something like this: $('.slide:visible').children('img').attr('title'). Also, move your "if" statement so that you first check to see if the image in the slide has a title attribute. If it does, then set the content of the caption with that title and fade the caption in. –  Bryan Gentry Oct 1 '12 at 11:27

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