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I'm wanting to create something that moves akin to Springboard, so a paginated UIScrollView with multiple pages (depending on the number of results returned via an XML query). Effectively similar to this Apple example.

Each page will have the same layout, but will be populated with different data (so an image, labels, etc.)

I'm relatively new to iOS development, is there a way to design a cell for this in the same way I'd design a custom UITableViewCell? I realise that UITableView inherits from UIScrollView anyway, but I've never heard of a UIScrollViewCell or similar. I'm falling at the early stage of planning out the way to approach the problem. Ideally it could re-use the cell in the same way a TableView can dequeue them.

Any hints on what to begin thinking about? Thanks!

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A UIScrollView does not provide something like the cells of a UITableView, it is much more basic than the table view. In contrast to a table view you have to add to the UIScrollView and arrange them yourself.

If you may develop for iOS 6 only, you might want to take a look at UICollectionView.

Collection views provide the same general function as table views except that a collection view is able to support more than just single-column layouts.

If you want to support other iOS versions than iOS 6, you might find something useful at http://www.cocoacontrols.com.

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