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I'm experimenting with the SQL Schema Compare in Visual Studio 2012 Premium.

How do I ignore the column order in the comparison?

I found some posts that state this option was introduced in VS 2010, but I only see "Ignore column collation" the option in VS2012. (Discussion for vs2010)

How do I ignore any differences in the names of the constraints in the comparison?

The constraints should be present, but do not need to have the same name.

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Can you add some of the links that you refer to in the question to the question? – Ryan Gates Oct 22 '12 at 18:13

The ignore column order was removed for VS2012 according to this link

As for ignoring the constraint name the only way I could see it done is visually comparing it. I am assuming you are wanting to do this because you have system-generated constraint names. You can avoid system-generated constrain name to overcome the issue.

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