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Just little help. Please let me know the correct xpath expression for this

I have xml doc like this

                    <child id='1' show='true' />
                    <child id='2' show='true' />
                    <child id='3' show='true' />
                    <child id='4' show='true' />
                    <child id='5' show='true' />
                    <child id='6' show='true' />

I want to select all show attributes except 2nd and 5th childs so that i can turn their values to false

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I would say the smart expression –  Kaipa M Sarma Oct 1 '12 at 10:52

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You can use boolean and in your XPath expression:

/parent/child[@id != '2' and @id != '5']

If you really want the second and fifth element, you can use the position() function:

/parent/child[position() != 2 and position() != 5]
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/*/*[not(position() = 2 or position() = 5)]/@show

This selects any show attribute of any child of the top element of the xml document, that isn't the second or the fifth child of its parent.

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