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Looking for a way to collect a statistics on phone wake ups. And then uninstall that stupid app which does that every 10 minutes on my phone.

Update: Tried battery apps, they are crap. They show that phone wakes up every 5-15 minutes, but tell me nothing why. They also show how much each app drained, but it always less than 5%.

So I looking for a way to collect this stats and do some analytics with that.

Update II: Looks like there are battery managers that do the job (GSam Battery Monitor for example), and with a bit of reverse engineering I hope I'll find, how they collect statistics.

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what you have tried? – Ram kiran Oct 1 '12 at 10:59
I tried dozen of battery apps, by they are not conclusive. Lost about 65% of battery in 8 hours with phone sleeping. From all apps system took about 30%, other apps less than 5% each. – Maksym Davydov Oct 1 '12 at 11:03

This option is not programmatic, but you could use it to find out what's causing the problem.

In command line, with device connected, type:

adb shell dumpsys power

You can find more details about the dumpsys command here:

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