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I am trying to establish a socket connection using GapSocket and send some data (strings) to a tcp socket from a PhoneGap app to a computer with port 8888 opened.

I have included all dependencies:

  • Both asyncsocket.m and asynsocket.h from cocoaasyncsocket

  • Both GapSocketCommand.m and GapSocketCommand.h from GapSocket

  • Included GapSocket.js and referenced the js file from index.html under www folder.

When I compile it, it says PGPlugin.h not found, and I am really unable to find this header file.

How can I solve it? I am using the latest PhoneGap version 2.1.1.

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The file PGPlugin.h was used in previous versions of Phonegap / Cordova. For newer versions, they replaced it with CDVPlugin.h.

A solution (well it's not really a solution but mostly a "trick" / "potential way to make it work"...) which could work for you would be to replace any references to PGPlugin.h with CDVPlugin.h (<Cordova/CDVPlugin.h>). This solution worked for some people; however, the problem is that you may encounter several dependencies linking to old references...

I suggest you to first check if there is a released version of GapSocket which has been ported to Cordova 2.1.1 before trying the above.

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Thanks a lot Littm. Its compiling without any error now. but i got another problem. –  Shahid Iqbal Oct 2 '12 at 6:48

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