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I am getting all cell value from table from SQL Server Management Studio to asp.net 4.0 ide. But I don't know why but every value is automatically appended with 3 spaces. And I am not able to trim those values also. So I m not able to compare those values with values like password value from textbox. And I am using linq query and linq to sql dbml files. Can anyone tell me whats happening with me? and how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

Here is code:

      DataClasses1DataContext dj = new DataClasses1DataContext();
        var pwd = from p in dj.USERs
                  where p.USER_NAME.ToLower().Trim() == _userName.Text.ToString().ToLower().Trim()
                  select new { p.PASSWORD };

        var utype = from u in dj.USERs
                    where u.USER_NAME.ToLower().Trim() == _userName.Text.ToString().ToLower().Trim()
                    select new { u.USER_TYPE };

    if (_password.Text.ToString() == pwd.ToString().Trim())
        //**in above line i m getting pwd.tostring() values to "admin    "
        //_password.text value "admin" .. so it fails to trim and hence compare.**
                if (Session["username"] == null)
                    Session["username"] = _userName.Text.ToString().ToLower();
                _wrongDetails.Text = "Wrong UserName or Password Entered!";
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i think in your table , column may have type char, which is of fixed length so spaces may be appended.

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I suspect that you are storing your password as a char rather than a varchar.

However, storing passwords as plain text is bad practice. You should look to hash your stored passwords.

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yes , i think you are right. –  V.J. Oct 1 '12 at 11:42
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