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Alright, the title sound rubbisch, i know. (and sorry for the bad english)

I'm working on an Windows Form Application in C#.

I've got an form (form1), with an menustrip, an statusstrip and splitcontainer.

I've placed everything in the designer at the way i want it. The form got an size of 990:788. When i run the program, and if I maximize the program, then the split container go over the statusstrip.

How can i hold it at it's place (like 5% from bottom, 10% from top or something like that in pixels...)

I'm new to styling al these object, so any thougts will be usefull...

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You may dock those items by using the Properties Window... statusstrip Docking="down" menustrip Docking="up" and the split container Docking="fill".

Then the items will automatically resize when the form resizes.

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Alright, thanks. That worked. But do you know the answer to this: i.imgur.com/lrBQ7.jpg It is the menu strip. At the left, the color is gray (and i want that), but at the right, it's white (or is it just me...)... how can i fixe that, that it will be 1 color; (gray) –  Mathlight Oct 1 '12 at 11:24
Ask 1 question per question, and not in the comments. –  Henk Holterman Oct 1 '12 at 11:31
it´s really white at the right end, and you may fix it in one or more propertis of the object, here is the msdn link: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Paedow Oct 1 '12 at 11:31
@HenkHolterman, i know, but i saw it now, and mayby did Peadow knew it.... –  Mathlight Oct 1 '12 at 11:37
@Paedow, Thanks for the help... I will look at the msdn again, mayby i overlooked it before.... –  Mathlight Oct 1 '12 at 11:37

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