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How do share some general layout and content on all my pages in windows store apps?

Can one define a kind of "masterpage"?

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Since you mentioned master page equivalent approach, I found a link and just wanted to share. Hope this would give better idea on this.


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Ye i started doing something like that, just need to get it working properly with the layoutawarepage and such. but seems like the way to go –  pksorensen Oct 1 '12 at 12:33

In a basic sense you define a model that you use to display data. You pass an instance of this model to each page. The controls on each page a re data bound to the model context. So you setup a template of sorts for that data and link that to the controls. its called MVVM. MVVM stands for Model - View - ViewModel. Here are a couple good examples:


Navigation design for Windows Store apps

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I know about MVVM, but what im talking about is a graphical layout that are independent of the ViewModel - I just dont want to copy paste it into all my pages. Thanks anyway. I working on using the <Frame> object right and see if how that turns out. –  pksorensen Oct 1 '12 at 12:32

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