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I used beanstalk to host my repository, but want to do a local subversion installation for my network. I installed virtualsvn and have created an initial repository and neccesary users through the GUI. Beanstalk has a feature where you can import the initial repository, so that when I go into my IDE I can merely checkout the already available repository. I understand that this is not a standard feature, so I want to now know how to do it through Netbeans?

In Netbeans I have 2 options, either checkout (which checks out folders "Trunk", "Branches" and "Tags", and I feel stupid but I dont quite know what to do here. Each project will really only have 1 branch, but I dont mind sticking to the industry standard, if someone can shed light on this. The other option is Import into repository, which does nothing when I click the "Source Folder" > Team > Subversion > Import into repository. If I select all the contents of the project and do the same, I get an error saying "Import not allowed because of to many selected roots."

Any advice?

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No answer unfortunately, decided to read the manual :D

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