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For a JSF application running on JBoss 4.2 with JSF 1.2, Container Managed Security and EJB 3.0 I'm looking for a solution to have several roles combined in one role. For example:

  • Roles: IT-Support, Phone-Support, Technical-Support, Deliver-Support

Now, I want to specify one role which includes for example three of these roles:

  • Role: Senior-Suppoert (IT-Support, Technical-Support, Deliver-Support)

Is this possible with the container managed security and Jboss?

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No, that's not possible with container managed authorization facilities.

Even more, role inheritance is considered bad design. Just don't do that. Depending on the concrete functional requirements, you could either auto-create the three additional roles when you specify the "global" role (or the other way round), or create a helper/utility method/function to check if the given user has all the three roles (thus, without creating an additional role).

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Thank you. It's a workaround but well, I have to use the container managed security... – Cruel Oct 1 '12 at 12:50

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