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What is actually stored in memcached when used for DB query caching.

If your answer is query result, then how do i invalidate an entry in the memcached if an update is made on any entity that the query is dependent on?

what about join queries? Is it ok if i cache them? how will i know if a table in the join query is updated or not, so i can invalidate the cache entry.

Also pls suggest some examples or articles.

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@Tichodroma the question is in it's simplest form. FYI, suppose a join query result is stored with some key, how do i get those queries cached for which i have made the update on a constituent table? –  shahalpk Oct 1 '12 at 12:05

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In memchached key/value pairs are stored in configured cache. When you store DB result set it storing java.lang.Object.

You can invalidate this value by using any memcached client methods. e.g. spymemcached client provides a method like replace(String key, int expression, Object ob) which says

Replace an object with the given value (transcoded with the default transcoder) iff there is already a value for the given key. You can also delete old object.

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@Downvoter : need an explaination –  shreyas Oct 1 '12 at 12:58

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