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I'd like to generate an Eclipse EMF model in a custom tool (entirely outside of eclipse) and then save it to a format that eclipse can import and use as an EMF model. I'm looking for recommendations of what format might be a good candiate. It would be great if the format could be of a type can is stored in a text file and is (fairly) humon-readable. Also it would be good if there was, in some sense, a grammar available for the format.

Any ideas?

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GenMyModel is an online modeler, released as a beta version, that corresponds perfectly to your need. You can freely test it at http://www.genmymodel.com.

GenMyModel allows you to create class models and diagrams and to export them as Ecore files (relying on XMI, a standard for exchanging metadata information, by the OMG).

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Actually - it was more that I have a similar piece of software - I'm just trying to write the export function in the most useful way possible... :s –  Joe Oct 1 '12 at 19:17

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