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I have a project named as Masterforms which contains many forms.

I have to pass that formname as an argument to a function i.e

Masterforms contains suppliers,items,jobs etc forms.....

I called a method openform(masterforms.suppliers)

defintion is

Private Sub openform(ByVal formname as  // Form)
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You are passing the form and not form name. Do you require the form or formname? –  A. Agius Oct 1 '12 at 12:08
Can you post your code? I am unclear as to whether you are trying to pass the form name (which would be a string" or an instance of the form in question. Please post the OpenForm method, and an example of the client code you are using to call it. There is likely a better way. –  XIVSolutions Oct 1 '12 at 12:18

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You can have a specific form to show just by instantiating it and call a show method.

like this :

Dim form as New Form2() 

or you can call


if you want the form to open in a modal way. If that's what you want...

If you just want the form name, you can passform.Name as a String parameter to a method, and that'll use the Name property of your form. (Make sure you have initialized it first though).

Hope it helps you.

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