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I m new to R I want to export from R a file with a dissimilarity matrix. By that time I have written:

  x<-read.table("C:\\Users\\A\\Documents\\R\\new all.csv",

Which function should I use to export it? Cheers

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You can use the write.table(beta, "file.txt") function to output a text file. If you want a csv file, use either write.csv() or add the sep="," argument to the write.table function.

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Hi thanks for the answer but it appears again Error in[[i]], optional = TRUE) : cannot coerce class '"dist"' into a data.frame. Do you know what is it –  user1711727 Oct 1 '12 at 12:38
Oh, sorry, I assumed that "beta" is a data frame, @smillig already gave a much better reply. –  pogonomyrmex Oct 1 '12 at 16:23

If you check str(beta), you'll notice that beta is a list of the following three elements, each of class dist: beta.sim, beta.sne, and beta.sor. You can export each element of beta using the write.csv() or the write.table() functions as @pogonomyrmex suggests, but first you need to start by specifying each of the elements of beta as a matrix instead of a dist:

m.sim <- as.matrix(beta$beta.sim)
m.sne <- as.matrix(beta$beta.sne)
m.sor <- as.matrix(beta$beta.sor)

Then you can export each of the matrices individually:

write.csv(m.sim, "sim.csv")
write.csv(m.sne, "sne.csv")
write.csv(m.sor, "sor.csv")
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