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I am trying to make a c++ program that sends an email using the mail command, using a string as the body. To set the string of the message, I am trying to pipe a message in.

For example, I am trying the following, which should send an email to email@gmail.com with a message saying "test", but no message is sent. Any ideas?:

fp = fopen("mail email@gmail.com", "w+");
dup2(fileno(fp), 1);
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Your first argument to fopen is not a file, and fopen is for opening files.

Try using popen to open a pipe connected to a subprocess instead:

fp = popen("mail email@gmail.com", "w")
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Perfect! fopen was indeed creating a file in the directory entitled "mail email@gmail.com". popen solved the problem. –  xur17 Oct 1 '12 at 12:47

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