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I get an error related to/from java-sdk-http-connection-reaper in catalina.out.

1) What is the reason for these errors ?

2) Is there some way to specifically some particular error (like for example the above one) or in general too , from catalina.log ?? Can it be done by changing the log4j configuration or some other logger logging level or asking it to ignore some particular log messages ?

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Q> What is the reason for these errors ?
A> Would be helpful to see the actual error to answer in more detail.

Generally, catalina.out captures everything your webapp prints to System.out.

There's also a chance stuff is logged via log4j and ConsoleAppender is used. If this is the case, the configuration is as easy as specifying the following in the log4j.xml:

<logger name="">
  <level value="off"/>

Otherwise, try modifying $tomcat_home/conf/ by adding: = ERROR
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