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I have next issue:

I have NSPathControl with pop up style. When I try to choice other 'predefined' location - no changes occurs.


Some macBook
Some desktop
Some HD
and etc.

by default, for example, selected 'Some macBook', but when I try to select what ever other, for example 'Some HD', there is no changes occurs: pop up menu disappears and default selection stay shows to user.
Can anyone explain me why I get this behavior?

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Setup and connect NSPathControl


 @property (nonatomic, weak) IBOutlet NSPathControl pathControl;


 -(void) awakeFromNib {
 // Give Path control some value
      [_pathControl setURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:@"/Users/Username/MyPath" isDirectory:YES]];

Connect action in IB.

*NOTE: I noticed if you connect using a binding object this action will not return values. * If your using bindings then a solution using some KVC trappings would be necessary.

-(IBAction) pathControlClicked:(id)sender {
NSPathControl* pathCntl = (NSPathControl *)sender;

NSPathComponentCell *component = [pathCntl clickedPathComponentCell];   // find the path component selected
[pathCntl setURL:[component URL]];          // set the url to the path control


// If you want to configure pathComponentCells here is place to do it.

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I don't know why this behavior exists, it's very confusing for users.

I generally just "disable" it, by implementing a delegate method:

- (void)pathControl:(NSPathControl *)pathControl willPopUpMenu:(NSMenu *)menu {
    // We don't want to show the useless "parent folders" menu items, as they are very confusing.
    while ([[menu itemArray] count] >= 4) {
        [menu removeItemAtIndex:3];

Hope this helps!

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