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How to save/restore state of ListView which attached to a CursorAdapter? Example:

I have a Android Activity with 3 ListView: Countries, Regions, Cities.

They are attached to 3 SimpleCursorApdater: CountryAdapter, RegionAdapter, CityAdapter.

  • chose a item on the Countries List will filter items of the Regions List by changing query condition of the RegionAdapter
  • chose a item on the Regions List will filter items of the Cities List by changing query condition of the CityAdapter

Pseudo code:

void countryList_onItemSelected() {
void regionList_onItemSelected() {

Cursor regionAdapter_FilterQueryProvider_runQuery(countryId) {
    Cursor cur = dbHelper.getReadableDatabase().
            query("Select * from Region where countryId = "+countryId);
    return cur;

Cursor cityAdapter_FilterQueryProvider_runQuery(regionId) {
    Cursor cur = dbHelper.getReadableDatabase().
            query("select * from City where regionId = "+regionId);
    return cur;

When the onRestoreInstanceState() is called, the cityListView is empty because the 2 runQuery() methods have not been terminated yet. So I cannot go straight:

void onRestoreInstanceState(Bundle state) {
    savedCitySelection = state.getInt("citySelectedItemPosition")
    cityListView.setSelection(savedCitySelection); // <= NOOO! the cityListView is empty

Question: How can I save/restore the state of these 3 lists with onSaveInstanceState() and onRestoreInstanceState().

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I'd suggest using a Loader.

Then when the loading is finished and you swap the cursor in you can call smoothScrollToPosition(int position)* on the ListView.

CommonsWare has a good CursorLoader based on the support library here:


*(Note: smoothScrollToPosition requires Android 2.2)

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