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The vaules with @ are properties of the field street... I have never seen this before in json so and I am a little bit lost.


Same thing in XML will be:

<street id="123" label="Street">Stadhouderskade</street>

How can I get this field values using gson?

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All values are properties of street, objects have nothing like XML does. In XML there are "two kinds of properties":

  • attributes which can only be strings
  • content which may be structured

Unlike JSON this doesn't map to objects directly. So just use a FieldNamingStrategy which maps "$" to "name", and "@something" to "something" with a class like

class Street {
    String name;
    String label; // maybe should be omitted as "Street" is quite useless here
    int id;

Or is there another problem with the JSON? What I wrote must be enough for the part shown.

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Thanks for your answer! –  Héctor Júdez Sapena Oct 2 '12 at 7:27

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