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I use many jQuery ui sliders as range sliders on one page. About 60 range sladers at one time.

Slider must do:

  1. When i drag left dragger - right dragger must moove to. Its need for fix range and moove it on max/min line
  2. When i drag right dragger - left not moove, but change len of range used in #1 action

For store len of range i use attr in html:

div class="slider" range="10"
  • When i moove left dragger - i add range attr for calculate right dragger position.
  • When i moove right dragger - i change range attr.

In javascript i use change and slide event - but i dont know left or right dragger create event.

How create separate events for left and right draggers in range slider?

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To get more answers, you better show your code, and tell us what part of it it's not working the way you wanted. –  Nelson Oct 1 '12 at 13:59
Slider generate "slide" action... But both draggers of slider generate that action... I dont know how create separate actions for left and right draggers in slider... –  MaxKu Oct 2 '12 at 6:51

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