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I'd like to try to create a Yahoo Pipe that will return ALL of the articles, urls, and # of saves on Delicious which are tagged with the category, for instance, 'sushi'.

Is that possible? (I know I can do it with my own tags, or with those in my network. And I know I can simply go to Delicious and push the load more button until I exhaust the list.)

But a json structure or an XML output file would be so much easier to process.

Would anybody have a clue how to get this?

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In order to access delicious data in your application, you’ll need to get a Yahoo! API key and configure it to use delicious social bookmarking. You can do this by creating a project for your application. https://developer.apps.yahoo.com/dashboard/createKey.html

There are examples at this second link showing something similar to what you are trying to do.

Read more here:

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