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I have SQL Server 2005 with several linked server defined. One of them is a connection to an Oracle server and another one is an ODBC bridge to another server on a remote machine (ODBC server).

Recently I tried to use the linked server to Oracle to update data with two large size tables by using several joints. The update query took too long time and finally there was exception thrown:

   Update O set value = l.value
      FROM OracleServer..schema.largesizeTable O Join localLargeSizeTable l
      on ....

The problem is that after the exception, I realized that another linked server to ODBC was not working any more. I had to restart SQL server to get the ODBC linked server back. It looks that the linked server pool could be crashed if any of them failed(not like sandbox in Chrome for each tab and no impact on other tabs or Chrome application at all). I am not sure if my assumption is correct or not. Is this a known issue of SQL server 2005?

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I think after this long time you did solve it by using the newest ODBC-driver, right ?

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I gave it up and use .net project to do the update instead of doing something in sql server. – Aug 17 '10 at 23:06
I did have some troubles with ODBC-drivers and sometimes only a reboot of the server machine did help (not a goog thing though). – ralf.w. Aug 18 '10 at 7:02

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