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When you open nodes, it's fine. The "select_node.jstree" is not called. However, when you select a node and then close its' parent, jstree fires "select_node.jstree" for that parent node for some strange reason. Is there any way around this or is that just a flaw with jstree? I'd appreciate the help! Here's my code:

    .bind("select_node.jstree", function(event, data) {
            ReqNode = data.rslt.obj;
            $("#req_tree_modal").dialog({ height: 400, width: 600, modal: true, closeOnEscape: true, resizable: false, show: "blind" });

                var ReqCheck = data.rslt.obj.attr("name");

                @* This is a REQUIREMENT *@
                if(ReqCheck == "requirement")
                    // Ajax call to Server with requirement id passed in
                        type: "POST",
                        url: '@Url.Content("~/RMS/getRequirementStateByID")',
                        data: {
                            ReqID : data.rslt.obj.attr("id").substring(4)
                        success: function(new_data) {
                            if(new_data == 1){
                                $("#RMSDoc_ReqEnabled").attr("checked", "checked");
                            else if(new_data == 0) {


                else {
                    alert("Requirement node select error");
            @* This is a TREE BRANCH *@
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Same question here. I'm thinking about directly handling the click for the internal <a instead of handling the select_node.jstree. If that works I'll re-post – Jay Mooney Feb 14 '13 at 20:06

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Update: I found a way to get it to work within the plugin, add the following to the "ui" config section:

        "ui": {
            "select_limit": 1,

I believe what was happening is that when a sub-node was selected, collapsing the parent node would cause the parent node to be selected, triggering the event.

---------- Original Answer ---------------------

I'm not sure on the answer working within the bounds of the plugin. But I did find a work-around.

I added a class to each of the anchor () tags inside the tree "an".

<li class='jstree-closed' id="phtml_3" rel="folder">
    <a href="#" class="an">test node 2</a>

Then I wired JQuery to look for anchors with this class, and handled my click that way.

instance.on("click", "", function (e) {

I still need to add code to find the ID from the parent-container, not optimal... but I don't have to compete with the collapse anymore for my click.

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