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I have a question about iOS views hierarchy (thank you for your answers).

The context : I use a switch view (2 segments) to hide or show several UIViews (UILabels, UISliders).

Is it a good practice to wrap these UIViews in a UIView wrapper to group the setHidden:YES/NO ?

For example I first had :

[label1 setHidden:YES]
[label2 setHidden:YES]
[label3 setHidden:YES]
[label4 setHidden:YES]
[picker1 setHidden:YES]

and I transformed it by putting the labels an the picker in one unique UIView (in interface builder), I connected this UIView

@property (retain, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIView *multipleViewsContainer;

and I then do one unique :

[multipleViewsContainer setHidden:YES]

I just wondered if I could use UIView like that or if there was another mean to hide/show groups of views.

Thanks a lot

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Yes. You can embed multiple UIViews into another UIView and then hide or show the whole thing via a "setHidden" call.

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Ok, thank you, I just saw this yesterday, looking at someone else's code. Before I didn't know I could do it :) – darksider Oct 1 '12 at 14:56

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