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I have created a website in Visual studio 2010 Express.
Now I want to create a setup file(.exe or .msi) for it so that it can be installed on the local IIS server. I am not intended to post this website online i.e. on Internet. I just want to use it on local machines which are connected in LAN.
It is my first website and I am unaware of creating setup process in Visual Studio.

 if( Can I able to create a setup file of a website? )
    if(Should I have to convert it into a web application?  )
        What are the steps to create setup of web application so as 
        to run it on local computers? 

Sorry for bad representation, but I didn't know how to put my questions into words.

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I did this a few months ago, and I found this post quite useful: Programatically create a web site in IIS using C# and set port number. It will show you how to create an IIS 7 record using C# code.

One way you might use this information to create a .exe is to create a separate application that will create the IIS 7 record and copy the files from your website directory source to your new location.

You also mention about a web application in your question - it is quite easy to deploy this type of web site and you can find deployment instructions here for this method.

I feel that this can be done in a few different ways, and you might find that you need to use some google skills to find what is most suitable.

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