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So I'm searching for a good stored procedure editor for db2. Here are the options that I've found, plus some caveats.

IBM Data Studio: This seems to work the best, but it really is a buggy memory hog. You can edit the stored procedures, debug them, etc. However every now and then the memory grows so large it crashes my system, and not only that it loses (deletes completely) the connections you have to existing data sources. Really annoying when you are trying to support a lot of db2 databases that you have to build up your connection list again. Plus seems to have issues with projects in CVS branches.

RapidSQL: Fairly good tool, however seems to have issues editing and debugging stored procedures in db2. Also, it's really annoying to not have a history of your queries with the results. Plus it costs a bundle.

It could be that there are fixes to my issues above, but I would hope that the hour or so I spent researching the issues would fix them - not true for either of the tools above.

Thoughts? Are there better tools than the two listed above for stored procedure editing in db2?

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Try out TOAD for DB/2. I never tried debugging, but anything else works quite well. Version control was a bit fugly for me.

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Thanks for the response - downloaded and tried it. However, the debugging has not been going to well. For some reason it wasn't picking up the input parameter values (they were always passed in as null). General querying works great, but the debugging is not good and the stored procedure editing in general is also weird, as I have ran into issues with it changing code that was there without telling me. –  Justin Oct 1 '12 at 21:39
Sorry to hear it doesnt work for you. I am Using it since a few years and it has its ups and downs. But procedure editing always worked fine for me. Make sure you unchecked the internal object cache to prevent weird side effects (sorry, i forgot to say). –  DocJones Oct 2 '12 at 6:12

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