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Is it possible to exclude folders with new

    FileSystem.CopyDirectory( sourceFolder, outputFolder );

This will copy the entire contents from the source to the target, but let's say I don't want to copy certain folders, is there a way to exclude those.

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Using Reflector there doesn't seem to be any public (or private for that matter) hooks in the CopyDirectory code to allow for some folders or files to be skipped when copying.

It looks like you'll have to redo the recursive CreateDirectory and CopyFile loops yourself, adding the hooks to check conditions that skip files or folders.

And note the Directory and DirectoryInfo EnumerateFiles and EnumerateDirectories overloads (new to .NET Framework 4.0) that may allow you to select the folders (or files) by pattern match, and otherwise by using Linq.

Also note that the CopyDirectory code is all in Microsoft.VisualBasic, so C# devotees who don't want to include that assembly/namespace would have already had to cut code for copying a directory tree, so you might find some samples that just need conversion to VB.NET.

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