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In Ember.js, is there a way to get the key for an observed change within an object when observing multiple values with the same closure?


MyItem = Ember.Object.extend
    name: null
    age: null
    height: null
    weight: null
    has_grown_or_shrunk: false
    has_grown_or_shrunk_obs: (->
        @set('has_grown_or_shrunk', true)

Is there any way for has_grown_or_shrunk_obs to know which of the keys triggered the change? It doesn't appear that there is from the docs here

Is there another, better way of observing multiple keys with the same logic that will allow me to know which key changed?

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This is undocumented as best as I can tell, but here is what I found

has_grown_or_shrunk_obs: (->
    console.log arguments
    @set('has_grown_or_shrunk', true)


[Class, "height", undefined] 

Where "dom_class" is the name of my key. So it would appear that the second argument passed is the key of the changed element.

This pseudo code is how to get it done.

((self, key) ->
    #Logic here
).observes(key1, key2, key3...)
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