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In my CKEditor I removed the 'linkType' and 'protocol' inputs of the link dialog.

   CKEDITOR.on( 'dialogDefinition', function( ev )
        var dialogName = ev.data.name;
        var dialogDefinition = ev.data.definition;

        if ( dialogName == 'link' )
            var infoTab = dialogDefinition.getContents( 'info' );
            infoTab.remove( 'linkType' );
            infoTab.remove( 'protocol' );


However, evertype I type in something like https://google.com as soon as I type in the 'g' the https:// gets removed.
I checked the output and it always says http:// disregarding the input.

How can I turn this stupid behaviour off?

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After much research, debugging and tweaking, I've finally managed to pull this off!!!

Here's how I do it:

CKEDITOR.on('dialogDefinition', function(e) {
    // NOTE: this is an instance of CKEDITOR.dialog.definitionObject
    var dd = e.data.definition; 

    if (e.data.name === 'link') {
        dd.minHeight = 30;

        // remove the unwanted tabs

        // remove all elements from the 'info' tab
        var tabInfo = dd.getContents('info');
        while (tabInfo.elements.length > 0) {

        // add a simple URL text field
            type : 'text',
            id : 'urlNew',
            label : 'URL',
            setup : function(data) {
                var value = '';
                if (data.url) {
                    if (data.url.protocol) {
                        value += data.url.protocol;
                    if (data.url.url) {
                        value += data.url.url;
                } else if (data.email && data.email.address) {
                    value = 'mailto:' + data.email.address;
            commit : function(data) {
                data.url = { protocol: '', url: this.getValue() };
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Thanks for sharing! –  flu Oct 14 '13 at 10:21
I'm new in using CKeditor. I wonder where should I put this code?Is it inside the link.js?or just put inside my page? –  user2699175 Mar 7 at 9:27
@user2699175 Add the code above to the config.js that you find in the root of ckeditor. –  Echt Einfach TV May 5 at 13:50
+1 Hey thanks man every time I'm asked to modify something ckeditor does I cringe. This answer saved me a ton of research. If could I would give you SO gold. –  Loktar Jun 5 at 19:49
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I'm afraid there's no way to change it. You have to manually edit a few lines of the code to make it working your way.

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For the lazy people like me, just do a quick core file hack:

  1. open plugins/link/dialogs/link.js
  2. in the minimized version find d=/^(http|https|ftp|news):\/\/(?=.)/i.exec(b);
  3. remove http|https|ftp|
  4. save file, upload it to your server

If it does not work after reload, this might be a cache problem. Open browser in private mode, navigate to your ckeditor and try it again. Good luck.

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