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I have created a android gcm client and got the reg id from the gcm server. Now I want to pass this id to my server code where it sends the messages to gcm server. What I have done is manually copied the reg id from logcat and pasted in the server codeq. This approach is working in emulator but not in phone as I won't be knowing the reg id in phone. Can someone please share the code snippet on how to pass the reg id to server side method programmaticaly. Thanks in advance.

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The short answer is: use HTTP.

The longer answer is as follows. First, put together a Web page that takes a RegID as one of the parameters. Depending on the nature of your Web server, there might be different technologies for that (PHP, ASP.NET, servlets). The page would take a RegID from parameters and store it in some permanent medium (database? file? you decide). By "parameters" I mean - either query string or the POST form. The latter is better, as those RegIDs can get quite big.

The page would need a public URL of some kind, one that your Android app can reach (i. e. not http://localhost). An IP address URL would work.

Finally, in your Android app, in the part where the RegID is received, use HttpClient to perform a Web request, passing the RegID that you've just got as a POST parameter.

As for ready to use snippets... Too many variables for that. For one thing, half the code is server-side, and we don't know what server-side tech are you using. The Android part - just look for an HTTP POST example for Android. The 'Net is choke full of those.

Also, do accept some answers. That's how we roll here.

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Iam using servlet as server side technology. can you please share some sample code to send the reg ID to servlet – swingmicro Oct 1 '12 at 17:15
I cannot - I have no idea what is your web page like, what's its public address and what is its interface like. Show some effort, please. – Seva Alekseyev Oct 1 '12 at 17:25
Thanks Seva am able to send the Reg ID using AsynTask – swingmicro Oct 4 '12 at 15:23

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