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I'm using Visual Studio 2010 (with resharper) and 2012.

Each time I'm using Console.WriteLine, when I type the '.' the WriteLine() is automatically selected. Selecting Tap it places the cursor after the ';' instead of inside the brackets where I want it. It's just annoying to have to use the mouse to get between the brackets or backspace several characters when there is already an option for WriteLine(string) which does exactly what I want. But to select it I would have to use the down-arrow keys to get there.

Is there any way to configure what the default selection should be?

Having WriteLine(string) as the default would save hundreds of keystrokes or mouseclicks.

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If its not more trouble than its worth, then you could reset your Resharper settings (assuming you are using at least Resharper 6.1)

Go to Resharper -> Manage Options...
Click the "Reset All Settings" button.
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