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I'm trying to build a pluggable framework for ruby which will load any classes found within files of a specified directory which subclass my "template" class.

I'm using the directory_watcher gem (https://github.com/TwP/directory_watcher) and am able to detect when files are modified for a given path.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to safely load/verify/unload classes I find in the modified files.

When I detect a modified file, I grab an array of currently loaded classes (using ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).to_a), load the file, then look at all loaded classes again (using ObjectSpace)...the difference in the two arrays is the set of newly loaded classes. I try to instantiate each new class, and finally, perform a ".is_a?" comparison to see if it really is an ancestor of my template class...if so, I perform further processing.

If not, I attempt to unload the class. But, here is where I'm stumped. I call 'remove_const' on the module, and it appears that I cannot instantiate a new copy of the deleted class...but, calls to ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).to_a still have the deleted class listed. Even a forced GC collection fails to remove the "temp" classes from the ObjectSpace result set.

I've even tried to load the classes into a temp module, then delete the module...like this:

mymod = Module.new
existingclasses = ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).to_a
mymod.class_eval File.read('/tmp/foo.rb')
newclasses = ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).to_a - existingclasses
newclasses.each {|x| .... #verify its a subclass, load all "accepted" subclasses into a "confirmed" module }

//now that we've picked all the sub-classes, delete the temp holding module
mymod = nil
classlist = ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).to_a - existingclasses

//classlist still shows classes loaded in the mymod Module.

I've convinced myself this is possible...and I feel like I'm close, but banging my head against the wall all weekend hasn't gotten me any closer.

And so, I challenge you, dear reader, to solve my quandary! (or, at least tell me why I've made some terribly faulty assumptions).

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Have you tried spelunking into Rails? It does this in development mode - reloads all your classes for each http request – dpassage Oct 1 '12 at 16:50
Did you actually run out of memory? Unless you actually run out of memory, the garbage collector won't run. Even calling GC.start is only a suggestion. – Jörg W Mittag Oct 2 '12 at 1:09
My concern is two-fold: 1. Mostly, I need to interrogate ObjectSpace for newly loaded classes...if one of my "discovered" plug-ins (sub-classes of my template class) has the same module::classname as a previously loaded class, I won't detect something has changed. 2. Memory management - I'm willing to concede I might not need to worry about this...if the GC will really cull unused object (why wouldn't it). – stensonb Oct 2 '12 at 15:20

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