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I'm trying to create a PHP generated SVG but I'm allready stuck on displaying a SVG file with an Javascript in it. The javascript is a pan and zoom function.

The code is:

header("Content-Type: image/svg+xml");

    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd">
    <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" version="1.1">
    <script xlink:href="SVGPan.js"/>
    <g id="viewport" transform="translate(200,200)">
    <polygon points="50,125 100,100 150,125 100,150" fill="green" stroke="black" stroke-width="1" />

When opening this in Internet explorer, I can pan, but I am unable to zoom.

When opening this in Google Chrome, I the script runs correctly, it displays, I can zoom and pan but I get an error message

error on line 10 at column 1: Extra content at the end of the document

I searched google for it, and stackoverflow but I cannot find a solution.

Can you please help me with this?

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Perhaps a dangling newline? – Ja͢ck Oct 1 '12 at 15:36
Sorry, I am not familiar with a dangling newline. Is that the same as \n? – Barend Oct 1 '12 at 15:40
@Jack Newlines after the end of a document are fine in XML, so that can't be it. – phihag Oct 1 '12 at 15:55
I think I have found the cause of it. I'm running on a free webhosting and see that the free webhosting adds a code at the end of the script: <!-- Hosting24 Analytics Code --> <script type="text/javascript" src="stats.hosting24.com/count.php"></script>; <!-- End Of Analytics Code --> . Does anyone know a work around for this? – Barend Oct 2 '12 at 11:10
Try using better hosting such as Heroku or Phpfog. Also you might want to adress the fact that your script is using PHP short tags (<? ?>). This can cause issues with XML based formats (such as svg) an will not work if the web server has short tags turned off. – max Oct 2 '12 at 13:11

I see you are getting analytics code added which is causing extra output at the end of the file. Usually even free hosts will not put this on a file when it is getting served with the correct MIME type. You may need to ask their support how to get the image/svg+xml mime type served like the text/javascript mime type (i.e. without adding the analytics code). I have never used them, but cPanel and other popular management systems allow you to manage MIME types for many other reasons including this one.

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