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Choosing a PHP Debugger

I want something like gdb or perl -d or pythons pdb for PHP. Is there such thing?


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Check out my answer here for a similar question.

In the answer, I hilight how to use gdb to trace through PHP specifically for how to analyze a crash, but you could use the same information for standard debugging as well.

This approach requires PHP to be configured with --enable-debug, a linux machine running Apache, and a strong desire/ability to understand the way software works on a lower-level.

  • Run gdb with Apache:
    gdb /usr/lib/httpd
    • Then, you have two options.:
      • Run apache as a server and load the file through a browser, as normal:
        (gdb) run -X
      • Or, use gdb to run the script itself:
        (gdb) run /path/to/the/script.php
    • For more gdb info, check out the quick-reference guide.

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Although there are some debuggers such as Zend IDE, I still think echo and print_r are the best debugger for PHP. And if you are using frameworks like CakePHP, it provides some enhanced debug function such as debug().

Lack of interactive debugger is a big problem of PHP.

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valgrind does a great job at catching segfaults and debugging PHP code. I have had success with it when PHP was NOT compiled with --enable-debug

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